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Mexico’s Highest Court Postpones Marijuana Legalization Case

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Supporters of marijuana reform for North America were more than hopeful that Mexico’s Supreme Court would address legalizing marijuana yesterday – Unfortunately for all that historic hearing was postponed until a later date.

As a swelling group of activists congregated on the steps of Mexico’s highest court in the country’s capital, an official spokesperson for the justices came forward and said they’ve decided to postpone its chronic debate. Instead opting to wait until sometime in the near future.

Truly disappointing: After Canada’s new prime minister announced on October 23rd his intention to legalize marijuana “Right away,” countless supporters of North American marijuana reform anticipated hearing Mexico’s ruling on a proposal to allow it’s citizens to legally fire up; a move that could have potentially forced the United States to reevaluate its untenable position on the plant’s prohibition.

Hoping to seize the legal high ground by winning the right to grow and smoke its own weed, RawStory reports that this long-overdue case was cultivated by “SMART,” the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use.

After Mexico’s health regulators refused to grant them a permit to cultivate and consume marijuana, the group’s request eventually reached Mexico’s Supreme Court. And according to Fabian Aguinaco, a lawyer for SMART:

“It’s a problem that deserves to be analyzed and discussed, because it would result in us becoming a different nation.”

Hoping to reduce the country’s history of drug centric violence, supporters of legalization in Mexico contend that legalizing cannabis would deny the country’s drug cartels a perpetual source of cash and diminish the country’s overwhelming violence.

Unfortunately Enrique Pena Nieto, who became the President of Mexico at the end of 2012, is seriously opposed to legalizing pot for those hard-working people living south of the border.

The below video drills down on how America’s move towards marijuana legalization is slowly crippling the Mexican drug cartels; depleting demand for their product, reducing prices, and ultimately wiping out one of their most valuable sources of income – illegal marijuana.

(Photo Courtesy of  Hispanic News Network)

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