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Missouri Pot Luck: Jeff Mizanskey Tastes Freedom After 21 Years

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21 Years ago, Jeff Mizanskey was convicted and sentenced to life in prison after attempting to buy several pounds of weed in the Show-Me state of Missouri. Today, after what must have seemed like a lifetime, Mr. Mizanskey will be set FREE.

At the time of his last transgression, Jeff had already faced two marijuana-based conviction. After being arrested in both 1984 and 1991 for smalltime marijuana infractions, he was given life in the Jefferson City Correctional Center without the possibility of parole – sentenced as a “prior and persistent offender” under Missouri’s three-strikes law.

After serving more than two decades in prison for pot, Mizanskey noted in a recent interview that he was resolute about how he would spend the rest of his life, “enjoying his family, working with youth offenders and advocating for marijuana reform.”

And after 21 years of painful reflection, Jeff said he’s not interested in smoking pot anytime soon. Not even in states where weed is legal – at least not until marijuana is rescheduled within the controlled substance act.

In 2014 Mizanskey’s bad luck changed for the better, that’s when the Missouri legislature revoked the state’s three-strikes law, and Gov. Jay Nixon commuted Jeff’s life sentence, making him eligible for parole.

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