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New Head of the DEA Acknowledges the Obvious…

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Marijuana, NOT as bad as heroin … Shocking, I know!

Despite the profound nature of his declaration, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg felt the need to qualify his statement on Tuesday with every politician’s safety net; ‘But I’m not an expert.’ Seemingly cloaked in a fog of mystery, the new head of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) remains adamant that while “heroin probably is more dangerous than marijuana,” he still thinks marijuana is a problem.

“If you want me to say that marijuana’s not dangerous, I’m not going to say that because I think it is.”

No doubt his comments were skewed by his current position within the federal government. But regardless of his caveat, Rosenberg’s statement represents a monumental shift in critical thinking from the former Administrator for the DEA, Michele Leonhart.

While we might all like to think that Leonhart was forced out of office after publicly proclaiming that all illegal narcotics – including marijuana – were equally bad. The now departed Ex- head of the DEA left office in May in when a handful of agents were discovered to have been participating in extracurricular parties of a lewd and lascivious nature. Her ostensibly ignorant resistance to admitting marijuana’s relatively benign nature in 2014, gave way to her publicly reprimanding President BHO for pointing out that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana; which no doubt helped seal the deal for her May departure.

Rosenberg: More heroin, less weed

As one of his first actions as Acting Administrator, Rosenberg asked the leaders of DEA branches across the country

“To focus their efforts and the resources of the DEA on the most important cases in their jurisdictions, and by and large what they are telling me is that the most important cases in their jurisdictions are opioids and heroin.”

A refreshingly solid plan.

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