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New Jersey School Becomes First In U.S. To Allow Medical Marijuana For Students

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Thanks to the recent enactment of New Jersey Assembly Bill 4587, an elementary school that caters to children with disabilities has become the first in the country to permit disabled students to legally consume medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms.

Per New Jersey Assembly Bill 4587:

“1. (New section) a. A board of education or chief school administrator of a nonpublic school shall develop a policy authorizing parents, guardians, and primary caregivers to administer medical marijuana to a student while the student is on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or attending a school-sponsored event.

Larc School, which specializes in educating schoolchildren “suffering a wide range of disabilities,” agreed to new guidelines for its students to use medical marijuana on Wednesday night. This historic decision came only a few short days after New Jersey’s Gov. signed A4587. With Chris Christie signature at the bottom of A4587, private schools and their instructors in the Garden State are now protected from any legal ramifications should a sick or disabled student consume medical marijuana during school hours.

Read more at NJ.com

(Photo Courtesy of Larc School)

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