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New Poll: Canadians Want Government-Run Pot Shops

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Motivated by Trudeau’s recent stomping of Harper’s conservative party, Canadians, long identified for their love of hockey, good beer, and all things maple, are anxious for the new Prime Minister of Canada to legalize marijuana just north of the US border – insisting the newest commodity be sold by government-run pot shops, according to a new poll.

Per the December 9th Forum Poll, 40 percent of surveyed Canucks want a regulated system in which a government-backed monopoly seemingly rules the day. Giving the proverbial green light to a few large companies to grow their Canadian chronic, then distributing it through government-operated dispensaries.

The largest groups of Canadians in total believe marijuana should be grown by large companies and sold through government agencies where it can be restricted, regulated and taxed (40%).”

Soon to be flush with a fresh crop of new taxes, yesterday’s poll asked where Canadians would like to spend their windfall of marijuana revenue?

Of those questioned, 21 percent said that chipping away at Canada’s national debt – currently hovering around $ 812 million – was High on ‘The To Do List’ for those sweet new tax dollars. An additional 17 percent of those surveyed felt the country’s drug rehabilitation programs should be next in line to benefit from the bonanza of new revenue. Predictably, the idea of allocating any of their newfound cash to pump up law enforcement was seriously frowned upon by those questioned.

Despite the popularity of Canada’s many potent strains, and the misguided belief that a country that legalizes recreational marijuana must be overflowing with habitual pot smokers, only 19 percent of polled Canadians claimed to have fired up in the past 12 months. Obviously, that number skyrockets in the hard-hitting 18-34-age bracket – maxing out at 36 percent.

“Among 1369 Canadian adults 18 years of age and older, one fifth have used marijuana or cannabis in the past year (19%) and one quarter will use it in the future once it is legal (24%). Anticipated usage is highest among the youngest (41%), mid income groups ($ 40K to $ 60K – 29%), in BC (29%), among Green voters (42%). Groups especially likely to not use it include the oldest (8%) and Francophones (16%), as well as Conservative voters (11%).”

Law-abiding to a fault, the average Canadian currently slams approximately 10.2 litters of pure alcohol on an annual basis – simply because it’s legal. Looking for a healthier alternative, 24 percent of those polled in yesterday’s survey said they’d definitely begin to relax with weed once it’s officially legal.

Leading North America out of the dark ages of prohibition, the new poll shows the new reality … Justin Trudeau’s push for legalization above the 49th parallel was nothing short of a stone cold winner for all.

(Photo Courtesy of The Star)

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