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New Research Discovers CBD May Prevent Broken Bones

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Another day, another study proving that marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid is one of nature’s miracles. This newest research comes to us compliments of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, which recently demonstrated the potential clinical applications of CBD for mitigating bone-related disorders.

Hoping to discover which cannabinoid provided the most relief, two sets of rats were injected with different blends of active cannabinoids; one with just cannabidiol (CBD), the other with a combination of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD.

During the study it was discovered that test rats with cracked femurs healed significantly faster when dosed with the CBD cannabinoid. Conversely, the rats given a blend of THC and CBD were found to be significantly less effective in the bone healing process.

According to Dr. Yankel Gabet of Tel Aviv University:

“CBD alone makes bones stronger during healing, enhancing the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which provides the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue.”

In addition to speeding up the healing process, Dr. Gabet claims that:

“After being treated with CBD, the healed bone will be harder to break in the future.”

The study concludes; “Taken together, this data shows that CBD leads to improvement in fracture healing and demonstrates the critical mechanical role of collagen crosslinking enzymes.”

No doubt, as this type of groundbreaking research continues the positive association between the human skeletal system and cannabinoids will continue to arise. Hopefully forcing today’s physicians to recognize CBD’s immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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