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New Research Shows No Evidence Linking Head And Neck Cancer With Marijuana Smoking

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A new PubMed report shows that lifelong exposure to marijuana smoke has little to no bearing on the potential of individuals developing cancer of the head or neck.

According to the recent study, researchers from the UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) in Brazil evaluated nine case-control studies to determine if marijuana smoking promoted the growth of head and neck cancer.

Taking into consideration such variables as alcohol and tobacco use, age, race, and gender, the participating scholars confirmed that subjects who were lifelong consumers of marijuana were no more likely to develop the various forms of cancer than were subjects who abstained from smoking pot.

The study’s conclusion:

“No association between lifetime marijuana use and the development of head and neck cancer was found.”

The results of the study were nothing new. In a separate analysis published last June in the International Journal of Cancer, scientists also noted no link between pot smoke exposure and lung cancer. Additionally, a 2009 study published on PubMed reported that modest marijuana consumption was associated with a reduced risk of head and neck cancer.

This new 2015 report confirms the findings from a 2011 Brown’s University study mentioned below.

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