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Oh 420 Canada

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It rolls off the tongue just as easily as the word Christmas or chocolate. It is known the world over as a euphemism, a symbol of defiance, a reason for celebration, a code word for the counterculture, and much more.

For years, the digits 420 have been the go-to password for our favourite little plant and more recently a symbol of victory in Canada. Victory over the fact that with persistence (and a new Liberal majority government), the country is poised to be the first to completely lift the prohibition on something that should have never been prohibited in the first place, something that was taken away from all of us for generations as a result of false propaganda rooted in ignorance.

No doubt hundreds of thousands of Canadians will light up this 4/20, and millions more will be smiling or snickering in support of whole plant marijuana and its widespread benefits. This year, if you find yourself in “the big empty loft above a really great party,” as the great Robin Williams once said of our country, then find one of these following celebrations and enjoy the earth’s plant with your fellow man and woman.

Our friends at the westernmost part of the country in Vancouver are having their 420 Vancouver celebrations at 1204 Beach Avenue. This event is brought to you by Cannabis Culture Magazine which is owned and run by legendary marijuana activists and politicians Marc and Jodie Emery. Marc was at the centre of a huge controversy back in 2009 when he was extradited from Canada to the US to serve a five-year sentence for selling mail order cannabis seeds across the border. Since then, Mr. Emery is seen as a hero and political prisoner by most of the Canadian cannabis-loving community and beyond.

In Toronto, 420 is always packed with people right in the middle of the city, which does wonders for traffic. The celebrations at Yonge-Dundas Square include musicians, comedians, and, of course, participation in the annual marijuana march.

For mes amis in French Canada, specifically Montreal, there is a 420 Rally at the Mount Royal monument, and in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, there is the annual 420 protest and rally on Parliament Hill. The East Coasters in Halifax are having the Peace East Festival to ring in their 420, and even the town of Brantford, Ontario, as well as other ‘smaller’ stops on the Canadian 420 tour, are offering up their voice for full legalization.  Check local listings for anything else that may be of interest.

No matter who or where you are, whether you enjoy a sweet indica or a bold sativa, go out and enjoy your local 420 celebrations.  Eat, smoke, vape, dab or whatever works for you on this important day to further the cause and show the world that there is nothing wrong with having some bud.

Cover photo courtesy of Bruce Stanfield

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