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Ohio Marijuana Legalization Could Bring Comprehensive Research And Medical Marijuana Insurance

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Provided Ohio’s Issue 3 passes on November 3rd, a new not-for-profit marijuana research facility is prepared to pony up approximately $ 24 million to build a state-of-the-art research facility.

Ohio's Issue 3 and Marijuana Legalization

Ohio’s Issue 3 and Marijuana Legalization

Announced earlier this week, the International Cannabinoid Institute has let it be known that it will rent land near Columbus from the same investors backing the marijuana legalization issue. Should Issue 3 pass, both recreational and medical marijuana in Ohio would become perfectly lawful; allowing for the legal distribution and consumption, while restricting any commercial cultivation to only 10 grow sites.

Fearful of a pending marijuana monopoly by the very financial backers of the PAC (political action committee) pushing the measure forward, anxiety has inundated those opposing Issue 3. Primarily upset over the limitations outlined for commercial cultivation and the unsightly pre-selection process of the grow sites owners – – chiefly those who are heavily vested in the ResponsibleOhio initiative.

With their Tuesday revelation that a medical marijuana research center would be an integral part of their plan going forward, this move highlights the group’s willingness to lease part or all of their land to cultivators, scientists, and other marijuana-based business models. Hopefully dispelling the rumors of a looming monopoly.

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Searching to learn more about the various perplexing illnesses that marijuana’s cannabinoids can treat, the International Cannabinoid Institute plans to cultivate and test the plants many compounds for its efficacy in mitigating symptoms of childhood epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and a host of other ailments.

Understanding the valuable nature of today’s potent cannabinoids, known for activating key receptors throughout the brain and body, the not-for-profit group backing the new research center would also like to provide medical marijuana insurance to help defer the cost of meds for those who can’t afford them – – utilizing the new marijuana tax revenue from retail sales to subsidize the cost.

(Photo Courtesy of the Cincinnati Business Courier)

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