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Ohio Voters Snuff Out Issue 3

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Seemingly more fearful of the proposed marijuana monopoly than of being arrested for pot – Ohio’s voters have snuffed out Issue 3, putting down like a rabid animal the ballot measure that would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana for adults over the age of 21.

Trounced by a resounding 34.8% to 65.1%, the unofficial election results clearly demonstrated Ohio’s rejection of the proposed legalization framework. Comprised of a network of 10 cultivation facilities, many feel the proposed monopoly killed the optimistic polling numbers heading into the election.

Despite an October Quinnipiac poll that had shown 53% of Ohio’s voters were down with legalizing marijuana, the majority ultimately decided that Issue 3 was an ugly initiative that needed to be put out of its misery. Blaming the painful loss on the initiative’s proposed monopoly, voters like Katie Kauffeld told USA Today:

I don’t have a problem with the legalization of marijuana, I have a problem with the monopoly and the way this particular amendment was written up

While the rejection of Issue 3 smells like failure from a distance – it actually represents a thoughtful step forward. Rather than accepting legalization at any cost, Ohio’s voters have instead opted to wait for the right ballot initiative; hopefully putting the hot topic high on the To Do List for the Ohio state legislature going forward.

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