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To many they are the heroes, the safe and trusted connection to a sacred plant. They are also on the front lines in our battle for legality. They are randomly raided one day and open again the next week. They are the dispensaries, providing a wide variety of high quality cannabis and hemp products. After all these decades, they offer Canadians a far better choice better than the local weed dealer.

The dispensaries across Canada and the US are not just there to sell bud and push you out the door. They are often experts, staffed by people hired for their exceptional knowledge of weed. They can often tell you important details about what you are buying and give instruction on anything from what a good hash will do for your experience, to what the best strains are to vape and for what purpose or how to take the correct amount of edibles so you won’t freak out in an hour.

Marina, the Marketing and Operations Manager for The Toronto Dispensary, is one of those experts. This particular dispensary was started by a bunch of disgruntled MMJ patients that felt the east-coast dispensaries in Canada were not meeting their needs. “At the time, many of the dispensaries in Toronto were operating in an ‘underground’ market. The Toronto Dispensary completely changed that when we became the first to welcome walk-ins, offer patient discounts, as well as take our time to educate our patients,” said Maria.

This education includes expert knowledge of what the effect will be for their specific products, like the difference between the marijuana flower and hash. “Hash (hashish) is a marijuana concentrate that is produced by collecting trichomes of the cannabis flower. A lot of the medical cannabis ranges between 17 and 27 percent THC. Hash – a concentrate – has a greater amount of THC per gram, generally between 30 – 40 percent THC. Generally speaking, smoking hash produces a more intense sensation than smoking flower,” Marina said. She added that if a patient is trying medical edibles or “medibles” for the first time, it’s important to let the dispensary know so they can inform you about how much to ingest at one time and how long it should be before it takes effect. Our bodies process pot, and specifically THC, very differently when eaten as opposed to vaping or smoking.

When asked about her favourite strains throughout the years, Marina couldn’t decide. “I love them all. Black Tuna, Pink LIzzard, Cannatonic,” she said, and then added that the popularity of sativas have grown over the years. “With an emergence of a medical cannabis market, sativa and hybrids have gained popularity. A few years ago indicas dominated the market, but today our shelves are represented equally between the tree.”

Whether The Toronto Dispensary or any of the others are your location of choice, it’s always a good idea to ask the staff about the best stuff on the menu. Whether you want to be chill or you want to be out, they know how to cure what ails you.

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