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Polls Show Strong Support for MMJ In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

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As our motley crew of would-be presidential candidates reaches for the political brass ring, hoping to capture the ultimate prize in our quickly devolving 2016 race for the White House, two new polls are demonstrating that voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania may have something real to celebrate this November – legalized medicinal cannabis.

Regardless of who wins the presidential election on November 8, 2016, if the recent Quinnipiac and Public Policy Polls are reasonably accurate, advocates for medicinal cannabis will be waking up on November 9, and celebrating the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Down in the Sunshine State, where senior citizens are anxious to ditch their pharmaceuticals for medicinal cannabis, United for Care has cultivated another piece of legislation aimed at legalizing MMJ for Florida’s qualifying citizens. Already qualified and ready to ignite the November ballot, a Public Policy Polling survey last month discovered that 65% of voters support the initiative. Still too early to breathe a deep sigh of relief, the legislation requires voters pass the measure by at least a 60% majority.

Meanwhile in John Kasich’s home state of Ohio, MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) is working diligently to ensure an MMJ initiative makes it on the November 8th ballot. With a reported 74% of Ohio’s voters backing the idea of creating an amendment to the state constitution, Ohio’s MMJ initiative seeks to guarantee access for those patients with “terminal or debilitating medical conditions.”

Crushing the 50% mark needed for the measure to be considered eligible for the November ballot, Ohio’s medical marijuana measure is expected to get the voters’ green light of approval at the polls.

Also feeling the political heat to acknowledge the medicinal value of cannabis, the Keystone State of Pennsylvania hopes to legalize MMJ via the legislature this year. As well they should: According to an October Quinnipiac University poll, registered voters in the state of Pennsylvania support legalizing medical marijuana by a chronic 90%.

Unfortunately for all, these recent polls reflect the ugly and fast-paced world of politics. Where just about anything can get shot down in flames with little to no notice; up, down, or sideways, the polling numbers will likely vacillate hard as we get closer to the critical November 8th election.

(Polling Graphic Courtesy of Marijuana Business Daily)

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