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Pot~O~Coffee: Feels Like A Pot~O~Coffee Kind Of Day

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With the legalization of cannabis rapidly occurring across the country, great new brands are beginning to emerge; one such hot brand is Pot~O~Coffee. Here at Weedmaps we are continually searching out relevant edible brands that meet and exceed our high expectations of quality and taste, and we feel we have found a winner in the premium coffee, tea and coco category.


Driven to only use the finest natural ingredients, the Coffee (Pot~O~Coffee), Tea (Pot~O~Tea) and Cocoa (Pot~O~Coco) each produce an exceptional flavor with a remarkably true taste. And, with their cultural obsession of cannabis and the brilliance of this remarkable plant, you can taste the passion and innovation that has gone into producing these delicious single serve products. It all started when a group of friends decided to embark on an idea of effortlessly bridging cannabis and coffee, they had no idea of the complexities that were involved. But luckily, their perseverance prevailed and their two favorite pastimes finally resonated, bringing in a new way for this generation to celebrate two of nature’s favorite things.


“As a company moving into the new space of crafting cannabis beverage blends it is both electrifying and self-gratifying to be part of history in the making,” said Cass Riese, Head of Business Affairs and Marketing at Pot~O~Coffee. “We are determined to become a brand known for its quality and consistency of premium made products and look forward to being a part of your tradition in infused beverages and happiness.” Please visit their website to learn more.

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