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Revolution and Evolution with Dana Larsen

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In the battlefield that is the legalization of marijuana around the world, there are those of us who support it by going to rallies, writing about it on the internet, and doing whatever we can to normalize Mary Jane for the general population. Then there are the mavericks, the ones who take chances, the men and women standing on the front lines facing the threat of arrest and significant jail time. Dana Larsen is a maverick.

Larsen is currently on a national tour called OverGrow Canada where he is giving away marijuana seeds and teaching people about cannabis. He was recently arrested in Calgary and spent the night in jail. Since his release, he was kind enough to speak with us at Marijuana.com as he continues his cross-Canada tour, like a boss.

“The Overgrow Canada Tour is a way for me to promote my cannabis seed giveaway, and teach people about the hidden history of cannabis in Canada. I have been to 7 cities so far and have 9 more to go. The tour takes me from Vancouver to Halifax,” said Dana. “My intention is to give away over a million cannabis seeds, for Canadians to plant openly on their own property or around their community. The goal is to make it impossible to enforce the ban on personal cultivation and to normalize cannabis as a plant that grows openly like other plants.”

His recent arrest in Calgary could have been seen as an annoyance, but it gave some fantastic publicity to his campaign. “I’m not sure why Calgary police chose to waste their time and money with my arrest, but it served as a great publicity boost for my campaign. Seed orders and seed donations have greatly increased since that silly arrest and my overnight stay in jail.” Dana was not expecting to be arrested on this tour and does not foresee any problems with other police departments in different cities as his tour keeps moving east starting with his next stop in Toronto.

Dana sees the rollout of legal cannabis in Canada as a process but he has some choice words for the Trudeau government about their current actions. “Trudeau should immediately stop arrests for personal possession and personal cultivation. We understand that it’ll take some time to get government-approved cannabis for sale in stores. But the continued persecution of cannabis users is shameful, as is their not repealing [former Prime Minister]Harper’s mandatory minimum sentences.”

Larsen has been on the front lines of the marijuana freedom campaign in Canada for decades now and continues to push things forward. With each step comes a new success and also fallout from government and law enforcement that cannot handle the change. “Overgrow Canada is the culmination of our 20-year civil disobedience campaign against Canada’s extensive cannabis prohibition regime. From grow books to bong shops, from seed banks to dispensaries, all of our success in Canada has come from openly and transparently breaking these cannabis censorship and prohibition laws,” he said. “We didn’t get to the verge of legalization by waiting for politicians to grant us our freedom, we got here through civil disobedience. Openly growing cannabis is the ultimate rejection of prohibition, and it is a campaign whose time has come.”

If you want to see Dana Larsen on his cross-Canada tour and even get some free seeds, check the OverGrow Canada website and be part of the revolution and transformation of our favourite little plant.

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