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Royal Flush Marijuana Strain Review

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The Scoop: Royal flush is medium yielding plant that requires patience during her flowering cycle. As a sativa dominant hybrid, her Royal highness takes a little extra time to flower. She’s a a high maintenance monarch, that when shown love will reward her cultivator nicely. Cloaked in royalty, this strain is a cross between a Californian staple and a Mexican landrace strain, bringing you that classic sativa high.

The Result: Royal flush commands the elevated authority to leave you buzzing along your daily tasks as if you had just enjoyed a potent cup of java. Leaving an extremely energized and creative mindset, Royal flush allows you to focus on the work at hand, minus the feeling of any unwanted fatigue. 

Type: (65% sativa; 35% indica)

A.K.A.: Roy

Genetics: Jock Horror/Eldorado

Average price per 1/8: $ 40

Average THC: 18%-23%

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The Stoned Meter 1-10: How high will you get? About an 8.5 —Royal Flush holds all the cards when it comes to having a creative cannabinoid combination, and as a predominantly sativa dominant hybrid Royal Flush  is known to spark artistic inspiration.

Strain Profile: Jock Horror and Eldorado were crossed together to make a stimulating sativa that is a heavy yielder. Royal Flush is known for its racy buzz, but is also known to do wonder for migraines and muscle spasms. She combines genetics from Mexico and California to make one hell of a sativa dominant hybrid.

Appearance: Reminiscent of its namesake, Royal Flush enjoys a light lime green coloration, producing large and dense flowers with shining trichomes. Royal Flush’s buds appear as if they were coronation crowns dipped in diamond dust, and her THC content is sure to satisfy even a King or Queen of discerning highs. Protecting her Royal jewels, the amber-headed trichomes protruded from the plant’s delicate THC dusted pistils as the swollen colas hit full maturation.

Consistency:  Sticky to the touch and a pain to break up by hand, I would seriously suggest a grinder for preparing this flower for smoking. For anyone that’s ever tried to twist up a joint in a hurry, you get it. Rolling when your fingers are glued together from the plant’s resin can present a serious challenge. Depending on the skill set of the individual cultivator and his preferred curing schedule, Royal Flush‘s flowers can range from super sticky to overtly dry.

Scent: Royal Flush enjoys a sophisticated aroma comprised of a sweet citrus-like scent and a complex mixture of skunk-ish overtones: Embracing her royal lineage, this strain has a dreamy Lemon Haze-like aroma, one that’s guaranteed to leave a plume of serenity wherever she goes.

Taste: After the initial inhale, Royal Flush  rushes your taste buds, assaulting them with a mixture of fruit punch and skunk.  Delivering a pungent smack-down of freshly harvested lemons and limes, accompanied by an overwhelming hint of skunk at the exhale.

Growth Info:  Royalty takes its time, and as a Sativa dominant strain … this lady is no different. Royal Flush generally takes approximately 70-90 days to fully mature and is a serious pain in the hindquarters to cultivated inside. For those that choose to take on the challenge of cultivating this lady indoors, Low Stress Training (LST), and pruning is highly recommended in order to ensure maximum yield.

Strain Background: Royal Flush was originally cultivated in Amsterdam, where cannabis royalty reigns supreme. First bread by the cooperative growers at Sativa Seedbank and Nirvana Seeds, Royal Flush is a creative combination of California’s Jock Horror and some landrace seeds found in Oaxaca, Mexico.The resulting strain, Royal Flush, is the reigning queen of the Sativa family.

Effect: Royal Flush is has unbelievable psychedelic flowers that puts you in a happy space. She’s great during the daytime as she keeps you plugging along and is a definite keeper for any sativa lover.

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Original Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Current Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Seed bank of choice: Seedmine

Flowering Time: 50-60 days

Flowering type: SCROG

Growth Height: 3.5 ft.- 4 ft.

Expected yield: 1.5/2 lbs. per 1,000 watt light

Breeder quote/ Advice: Does great with LST, and topping is a must.

Verdict: Royal Flush is a wonderful strain with some serious medicinal benefits. Great for easing depression, anxiety, overall body aches and cramping – not only does she taste like nectar of the gods; she’s a wonder to behold. A superb strain for the ultimate relaxation experience, Royal Flush encourages one to kick their feet up and enjoy life, because the paradox of seeking enlightenment while sidestepping earthly desires can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
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