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Santa Ana’s Pot Eating Cops Sue Over Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

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So far this summer, one of the more bizarre news stories to come out of Southern California has been the tale of the three Santa Ana cops that were busted on the dispensary’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) — eating some of the shop’s marijuana-infused inventory. Apparently, their impromptu THC-laced snack-sesh happened after working up a fierce appetite during the raid of the Sky High Holistic dispensary last May. And since duplicity seemingly rules the day in OC, those three officers – all of whom were suspended after the raid – are now working to prevent the Santa Ana Police Department from utilizing the dispensary’s CCTV footage in its internal investigation of their actions.

Santa Anna’s Pot Eating Cops Sue Over Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Santa Anna’s Pot Eating Cops Sue Over Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

According to the OC register, the unidentified cops are arguing in their new lawsuit that they were under the impression they had disabled all of the closed-circuit television feeds during the dispensary raid and consequently had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds…

With the help of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association, the three officers are now complaining that the business never received permission to record them as they terrorized the dispensary’s patients and searched the location.

“All police personnel present had a reasonable expectation that their conversations were no longer being recorded and the undercover officers, feeling that they were safe to do so, removed their masks,” notes their lawsuit, which was filed in Orange County Superior Court. “Without the illegal recordings, there would have been no internal investigation of any officer.” Under California law, “all parties to a confidential communication” must consent to being recorded, unless “the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded.”

Defending his client’s position to the OC register, Sky High’s lawyer, Matthew Pappas, explained that the S.A.P.D routinely use CCTV video in the apprehension and prosecution of their suspects. Noting, “It’s pretty pathetic for police to say if we don’t like something that it can’t be used as evidence.”

Pointing out that, “They knew they were on video… Just because they missed one camera doesn’t make it illegal.”

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