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Sarah Palin Agrees: Marijuana Legalization Is “No Big Deal”

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Sure, Sarah Palin’s belief that Obama loves to wear mom jeans while Putin spends his free time wrestling bears in Russia’s outback might seem slightly weird to some, but her solid support of marijuana legalization demonstrates that even the strangest among us have moments of clarity.

While speaking with Hugh Hewitt on his conservative talk show, the one time GOP vice presidential nominee and past Alaskan governor noted, “I look on the national scene and think, wow, of all things to be fighting over and battling over, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. I think, hmm, this is just not my baby,”

In a stark departure with many in the Grand Old Party who’ve long supported marijuana prohibition, the “Going Rogue” author yesterday told Mr. Hewitt of marijuana legalization… it’s “no big deal.”

Seemingly stunned by the new reality, Hewitt articulated disbelief that The Last Frontier actually legalized recreational marijuana in 2014; noting the vote “didn’t surprise me.” Me either.

“We’ve got that libertarian streak in us.” As do most

Read the full interview on HughHewitt.com

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