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Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? Cannabis Genome Project Hopes to Improve Hazy Labeling

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Consumers have a bud to grind with today’s strains.

With curiously unhelpful strain names like Trainweck, Pineapple Express, AK-47, Chemdawg, and Black Mamba, all prominently placed on collective shelves from coast-to-coast, patients and recreational smokers alike are hopeful that a new marijuana genome project will spark a greater understanding of the hidden genetics within today’s modern cannabis strains.

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? Cannabis Genome Project Hopes to Improve Hazy Labeling

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? Cannabis Genome Project Hopes to Improve Hazy Labeling

From LA to Denver … Seattle to Portland, the descriptive labels on those colorful plastic bottles are, more often than not, seriously misrepresenting the bud they hold. While the idea of medical marijuana becomes more widely accepted and would-be politicians pander for votes within the reform movement, the cloudy parameters of today’s naming conventions are leaving many consumers dazed and confused. Resulting in Indica-dominant hybrids being labeled as Sativa-dominant strains and vice versa.

As most in our community are already aware, there are three specific species within the cannabis family – Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. However, thanks to the modern hybridization process of crossbreeding different strains for their specific effects or phenotypes, the strain’s ultimate name is more often based on its potential for marketing than its specific genetics.

However, that’s all about to change thanks to Mowgli Holmes, a microbiologist from Columbia University who will attempt to map the entire cannabis genome.

According to Newsweek’s Winston Ross, “Once his DNA map is complete, it will give growers a better way to understand their horticulture and consumers a better way to understand their product.”

In order to accomplish this Herculean task, Holmes’s complicated and time-consuming research will involve scrutinizing samples of cannabis gathered from around the globe and throughout history. With over 1,500 of the 2,000 collected cannabis samples already entered into the program that plots out cannabis DNA, consumers and cultivators alike will soon have a much better understanding of what their inhaling and growing.

Helping patients and recreational smokers alike, the cannabis genome project has far-reaching ramifications for the fast-growing marijuana industry. In addition to assuring CBD dependent children their meds are safe and real, the cannabis genome project will provide further credibility for this soon-to-be multibillion-dollar industry.

In the below video Mowgli Holmes discusses the progress and ramifications of the cannabis genome project.

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