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Segerblom Haze: The Nevada State Senator’s Strain

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IMG_3346Nevada has few namesakes to honor their politicians. There’s the airport named after Pat McCarran, and the Harry Reid Center located on the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a research center that is involved in various projects on campus.

But not many can say they’ve had a strain of medical marijuana named in their honor.

Segerblom Haze is named after Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, and carries a THC level of 27 percent. This sativa is exclusive to Euphoria Wellness, the first legal medical marijuana dispensary to open in Las Vegas.

“It’s not typical for a politician to have a marijuana strain named after him but it really is a legitimate industry and it’s helping a lot of people,” Segerblom said. “So to any extent that I can be involved in that and encourage people to participate, I’m happy to do it.”

Segerblom has played a major role in ensuring the topic of medicinal marijuana stays on the table. He has been victorious when it comes to marijuana in the Nevada Legislature. And he won’t stop. Segerblom plans to get as much information as possible out to his constituents on the benefits of recreational marijuana, which will be on the ballot in November. “It would be good for people to start learning about the issue and also hopefully they’ll vote for it,” he said. “The reality is that it has already happened. Why not legalize it, tax it, test it, and make some money on it?”

The strain was developed by Deep Roots Harvest, a cultivation center located in Clark County. Darlene Purdy, managing director of Euphoria Wellness, said the sativa dominant strain is uplifting and great for depression, anxiety, and helps with appetite problems.

“They (Deep Roots Harvest) developed the strain in the name of Tick Segerblom because of what he has done for us in Nevada by helping to get medical marijuana off the ground,” Purdy said. “It’s funny because Segerblom’s name actually means ‘victory harvest’ so it kind of goes hand in hand with that strain.”

Euphoria Wellness will donate 10 percent of Segerblom Haze proceeds to Helping Brothers and Sisters Veterans Charity.

Segerblom said that he hopes by having his name on the strain it will help bring on more legitimacy and take away some of the stigmas that come along with medical marijuana. “People’s attitudes are changing … our industry has really come alive,” Segerblom said. “If you’re interested, there are dispensaries all over the valley. Go and talk to people and see what’s out there.”

Cover photo courtesy of superjoseph

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