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Talking to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

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If you happen to reside in a US state that has legalized medical marijuana, most of the time it’s as easy as having your eyes open to obtain an MMJ card. Before you know it, you’re at the dispensary on the next block buying some choice bud, owned by the same guy aptly named ‘Dr. Kush’.

Here in Canada however with our free-love hippy socialized medicine, the Government runs the show when it comes to healthcare and most doctors are still very reluctant to prescribe marijuana, keeping patients reluctant to ask for it. The healthcare system has created a challenge for pot producers in the great white north — a supply exists with an enormous demand, but our healthcare system is bending the hose in the middle.

“Many patients find it difficult to bring it up to their family physician, as many physicians are still uncomfortable prescribing cannabis.” says Marina, the Marketing and Operations Manager at The Toronto Dispensary. “We recommend that patients, that are regular users, approach their medical doctors with honesty. Inform the doctor of previous use and request that rather than limiting the patient to purchasing on the street the doctor [should]support their decision.” Marina goes on to add that the physician should logically support the decision to prevent the patient from seeking out the black market.

Marina, however, shares the opinion of many in the cannabis industry, which is that getting medical pot is too hard for the people who need it. “The current system, in my opinion, is very broken for the patients. There are numerous patients that could benefit from medical cannabis, however, are not able to access it because their physician does not support it. On the other hand there are numerous doctors that are taking advantage of their colleague’s reluctance to prescribe and over prescribe to anyone for a fee.”

Having said all that, the process of getting a medical marijuana card in Canada is as easy as getting a prescription. Go to a doctor and ask them to prescribe it for you and why. It can be anything from anxiety to trouble sleeping, to joint pain, nausea, etc. Marijuana is a versatile plant that cures many ailments. If your doctor won’t do it, contact your local dispensaries to help you find a list of MD’s who are sympathetic to our cause.

Once recreational pot is finally introduced, most people with minor ailments will be able to avoid the headache of having to find a doctor for this at all, we will simply be able to purchase it in the store. Until then, happy hunting!

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