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Texas Bigfoot Hunters Help Marijuana Farmers Escape Sheriffs

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While some Texas Bigfoot hunters were innocently searching for the mythical Sasquatch this past weekend, they ended up obstructing a Delta County police search for cultivators of a $ 6.5 million marijuana grow site.

The Texas Game Wardens were dumbfounded when hog hunters along the Sulfur River alerted them to the clandestine cultivation site – where a secret one-acre garden containing nearly 6,550 marijuana plants was found.

Unfortunately for the Sheriff’s, and luckily for the growers, the search was sidetracked when they awkwardly encountered some Bigfoot hunters who were hoping to locate and photograph the elusive beast, just northeast of Dallas.

With some of the Texas sized pot plants hitting nearly 10-feet tall, Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith told reporters:

“This is the largest discovery of marijuana found in my career as Sheriff.”

The Texas authorities believe the pot farm had been in operation since last spring after uncovering some make-shift shelters concealed deep inside the shelter of the nearby trees.

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Fortunately for the Texas pot growers the Bigfoot hunters intervened; had the cultivators been apprehended, they would’ve been facing felony charges for the cultivation of more than 200 pounds of marijuana. For which the mandatory minimum sentencing stipulates a maximum fine of $ 50,000 and 99 years in prison.

Thanks Bigfoot…

(Photo Courtesy of High Times)

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