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The ‘Gridiron Cannabis Coalition’ Takes Center Stage at the Southwest Cannabis Conference

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Today at the SouthWest Cannabis Conference (SWCC) – taking place in the Phoenix area– Kyle Turley and a group of like-minded Ex-NFL players are getting ready to ignite the long-overdue debate of medical marijuana use in the NFL.

Billed as one of the more comprehensive events of its kind, the SWCC will offer specifically crafted educational breakout sessions and marijuana related networking events, bringing together both industry experts and newbies alike.


The Executive Director of the SouthWest Cannabis Conference, Rory Mendoza, had a well-defined vision and lofty goals for his groundbreaking event. Today’s South West Cannabis Conference and Expo combines a one-day career fair and two-day conference and expo; promising to deliver the most comprehensive and informative event ever held in the desert Southwest.

Hoping to utilize the SWCC to help evolve the NFL’s draconian pot policy, Turley, a former All-Pro Offensive Tackle witnessed firsthand the grim need for medical marijuana in the National Football League after a prolonged addiction to pharmaceutical medications. Providing a life-changing epiphany: medical marijuana is safe and pharmaceuticals are addictive. Prompting Kyle to become a founding partner at the ‘Gridiron Cannabis Coalition.’

This trailblazing conference’s chronic two day event schedule will feature a sweet alliance of approximately 60 marijuana experts, all of whom will share first-hand knowledge on a wide range of relevant topics like:

  • Becoming a Cannabis Industry Sector Leader
  • Power Women of the Cannabis Industry
  • Industry Overview and Regulatory Forecast.

Anticipated to be packed; the Southwest Cannabis Conference will have over 300 floor exhibits from local, regional and national cannabis industry vendors. Featuring one of the region’s best B2B (business-to-business) networking opportunities for those in the marijuana industry. Be sure to come by the Weedmaps booth on October 27-28, where we’ll be giving out limited edition Weedmaps swag.

While most of the industry’s biggest canna-brands and dopest new products will be prominently displayed, cash-strapped consumers can save 50% off the normal price of admission by visiting southwesteventgroup.com and entering the code: “Weedmaps”.

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