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The Weedmaps College Tour

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This new Weedmaps tour bus is on point. It burned rubber out of SoCal this week on a crucial mission to spread the love and talk marijuana with the cannabis community in legal and “legally challenged” states and provinces. As a champion for the entire cannabis community, Weedmaps is traveling across the U.S. and Canada to drive the cannabis conversation forward and discover new ways to support local communities and efforts.

In addition to their critical mission, The Weedmaps Team will be leading the charge and flying high with tons of free tickets to see the largest pop sensation touring North America.

This is how you’re going to get your free ticket to the show:

  • Follow Weedmaps on Instagram @WeedmapsOfficial
  • Share their latest Instagram post and comment #weedmapsmadness
  • Check Instagram to find out exactly where the tour bus will be stopping
  • Show a member of Weedmaps Street Team the new Weedmaps App on your phone

It’s a pretty easy way to get a free ticket to see one of music’s best acts. The Weedmaps Team is excited to meet up with high-minded friends as far as the roads will take them. So track down that beautiful bus, meet up with some good people, and get your hands on limited edition Weedmaps Swag and free concert tickets before they run out.  

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