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U.N. Meets During Week of High Holiday To Discuss War on Drugs

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Sure to piss off all the right people in shadowy places, the United Nations is utilizing the High Holiday week of 4.20 to perform an autopsy on their cruel and misguided policy, otherwise known as the War on Drugs.

Finally gathering to examine the absurd Odyssey caused by their doomed logic, this year’s UNGASS – a.k.a. the United Nations General Assembly Special Session – represents the first such meeting in nearly two decades.

According to the Guardian.com, “The special assembly this week is the first in 18 years. Concern over current drug control policies, namely criminal penalties for drug users, pushed the United Nations to schedule the assembly three years earlier than originally planned (though an assembly will still take place in 2019).

Vengeful, primitive and tenacious: After decades of promoting abstinence through horrific and hypocritical policy, the UN’s expensively dressed degenerates are gathering in New York to reconsider their ‘Just Say No’ policy, and potentially de-escalating the costly War on Drugs.

“Leaders from around the world, especially in Latin America, have lobbied the United Nations to end its prohibitionist stance on drugs, first brought to life in a 1961 convention. And while diplomats are in New York, celebrities as diverse as the rap executive Russell Simmons, the former news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry and the business mogul Richard Branson will lend their voices to the movement to decriminalize at the temporary Museum of Drug Policy.”

As countries continually hop on board the cannabis express; think Canada, Uruguay, Israel, the Czech Republic, Columbia and Romania – just to name a few – leaders from around the globe are finally requesting a more realistic drug policy from the United Nations. Craving real freedom, many believe the 2016 UNGASS represents the first international attempt by world leaders to seriously address the age-old debate … prohibition vs. legalization.

( Photo Courtesy of Blackoutx.com)

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