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Update — Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

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Florida Marijuana Card Rules Being Drafted

The Florida Department of Health is currently in the process of drafting the rule governing the issuance of Florida medical marijuana cards to Florida medical marijuana patients pursuant to Florida Statute section 381.986.  This statute is currently the Florida marijuana law that sets out the developing Florida marijuana regulatory system under the two Florida marijuana laws that are currently on the books in Florida (sections 381.986 and 499.0295). This is a big step for medical marijuana in Florida. The Rule will be formally titled Rule 64-4.011 of the Florida Administrative Code.

The rule on Florida marijuana registration cards will govern who is eligible for Florida marijuana cards, how the Florida registration cards will be issued, where to get Florida medical marijuana registration cards, and other similar issues.

To follow the Florida marijuana card rule development by the Florida Department of Health, go here.

As always, we here at the Florida Medical Marijuana Directory will keep you posted on these developments in the medical marijuana card for Florida patients and will provide specific details as the Florida marijuana card rule is revised and adopted.

Qualified Florida marijuana patients should be able to buy Florida marijuana from a licensed Florida cannabis dispensary starting in September, 2016.

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