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Update: How To Legally Buy Marijuana In Florida

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As discussed in numerous articles by the Florida Medical Marijuana Directory, Florida’s Compassionate Use of Low-THC and Medical Cannabis Act (section 381.986) has taken effect and the 6 Florida dispensaries licensed to begin growing the low-THC medical marijuana allowed by that law have begun cultivation of these legal strains of medical marijuana. In addition, the Florida Legislature recently amended the Right to Try Act (section 499.0295) to allow terminally-ill Floridians to use even euphoric strains of medical marijuana in Florida. In addition, a number of Florida doctors have taken the necessary coursework to become approved to prescribe the low-THC medical marijuana legally allowed under this Florida marijuana law.

For information on the names and addresses of all Florida marijuana doctors and Florida marijuana dispensaries and where to legally buy medical marijuana in Florida, please check out the Florida Marijuana Directory here.

More detail on these new Florida marijuana laws, as well as the full text of current Florida marijuana laws, can be found here.

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