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Utah: Republican Sen. Stands Up to the Mormon Church Over Medical Marijuana

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Despite the Mormon Church and their antiquated opposition to medicinal cannabis, Utah’s Republican Senator Mark Madsen, from Salt Lake County, said he’s ready to fight for his constituents.

Telling KUTV that, “It would be immoral to back down.”

The bill’s sponsor to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in the Beehive State claimed that opposition from the Mormon Church to his proposed medical marijuana legislation does not immediately torpedo its ultimate passage.

A devout Mormon and staunch Republican, Madsen, said he is reluctant back off his mission to legalize medical marijuana in Utah. Particularly as recent polls show a majority of Utah’s nearly 3,000,000 residents support the idea of medical marijuana … explaining “I don’t want to let them down.”

Yesterday, just three days after the LDS Church claimed it had a problem with his progressive legislation, citing “unintended consequences,” Sen. Madsen explained he’d only lost one or two votes from fellow legislators who felt pressured by The Church of Latter-Day Saints and their public announcement, rejecting the idea.

Regardless of his membership to the LDS church – Madsen claimed ignorance over church leaders opposition to Senate Bill 37. Complaining the church has yet to explain what exactly they think those unintended consequences are?

Ignoring research and embracing ignorance, Utah’s Republican Senator is more than a little confused by the leaders of the Mormon Church. When asked about their objections to his proposed legislation, he gets brushed off like an apostate. Now cattle prodding the LDS Church to respond, Sen. Madsen recently threw down the gauntlet:

“The people that are affected by it, I think, might be entitled to some kind of explanation.”

Utah’s Republican medical marijuana warrior explained, he’d have to take things up a notch in order to convert other reluctant legislators about the benefits of medicinal cannabis. While there have been zero fatalities attributed to medical marijuana, which is currently legal and 23 states, Utah’s Dept. of Health points out that 21 Utahans die on a monthly basis from overdosing on prescription pain meds.

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