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Vape Pens or Pre-Run?

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With a growing number of methods for consuming today’s cannabinoid-rich weed available – dabbing it, smoking it, vaping it, or just plain old eating it – a never-ending debate continues to cultivate around the potential ramifications of using a vaporizer for consuming our heady modern marijuana strains.

As the discrete nature of vaping gains popularity around the country, there are several aspects/variables to the overarching conversation; functionality vs. fashion, the classic desktop vaporizers vs. the diminutive and easily concealed vape pens; the use of C02 vs. butane; concentrates vs. flower (a.k.a. ‘Pre-run’ to some); the medicinal/psychoactive results of oil vs. buds (Are oils more potent?), and of course the topic the media loves most, the elevated use of vape pens among high school kids.

While many believe that vaporizing is healthier for you in the long run (myself included), the existing clinical research on vaporizing weed remains woefully inadequate. Even the state of Colorado admits to being more than a little confused:

“Vaporizers heat marijuana to release its active ingredients without burning. As with water pipes or bongs, there has not been enough research to know if using a vaporizer is safer than unfiltered smoking of marijuana. Some research shows that vaporizers lower the amount of potentially harmful tars in smoke. Other studies have shown fewer respiratory symptoms among those using vaporizers. However, more research is needed to measure the chemicals produced by vaporizing marijuana and marijuana extracts.”

That said, while we wait for supporting evidence from the scientific community that vaping marijuana’s extracted cannabinoids is healthier, recreational smokers and patients alike are eager to provide their subjective opinion on the pros and cons of products like FlavRx Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC. In the below video Berner dips into the WMTV studio to check out some genuine solvent-free, CO2 extracted FlavRx GSC oil.

(FYI: Demonstrating its rapid growth within the modern lexicon, the word Vape was chosen by the good people at Oxford Dictionaries as the word year for 2014.)

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