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Long before the days of decriminalization and legalization, smoking weed was something you didn’t do in plain sight. Whether it was sneaking behind buildings, locking yourself in the bathroom with an open window or finding a condo balcony, you had to be somewhere safe and inconspicuous to enjoy some Mary Jane.

Eventually, some very original risk takers decided to open up private cafes for people to smoke or vape weed at their leisure, without being bombarded by the law or disapproving onlookers. These places quickly gained the moniker “vape cafes,” and a new Canadian grew between the small cracks of the justice system.

In Canada, as long as you aren’t selling marijuana, law enforcement will typically look the other away or simply take your stash and move on. So what is law enforcement to do if someone opens a private “members-only” establishment where people bring their own weed, and all they sell is snacks and drinks? The answer is (most of the time) the police do nothing.

Vape Cafes rapidly became more than just a place to chill and enjoy some ganga. They became a safe zone to be with like-minded people, a place to enjoy weed without being nagged by the naysayers in life who don’t approve, like spouses or co-workers.

So now that marijuana is front and center in Canadian politics, the stigma of smoking a joint is slowly disappearing. In recent years vape cafes have upped their game to ensure they maintain a stream of continuing customers. So without further adieu, here is a list of some of the best vapour cafes across Canada for you to enjoy.

Vapor Central


These guys have always been one of the most popular lounges in Toronto. With live music, comedy, theme nights and vaporizers on every table, this is a great place to hang out with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts and not have your buzz harshed by the outside world.


Hot Box Cafe

GTS Productions/Shutterstock

GTS Productions/Shutterstock

This cafe at Kensington Market in Downtown Toronto seems like it has been open since time began. Established in 2000, it was one of the city’s first well-known vapour cafes and rumored to be a favourite hangout for Woody Harrelson when he passes through town. The Hotbox is owned and operated by cannabis entrepreneur Abi Roach, who also owns Roach-o-Rama and a number of marijuana-related businesses including a “bud and breakfast” in Jamaica. Hotbox has a great slogan as well, “Serving potheads since … Ah … I forget.”


BuzzOn Vapour Lounge



This place is a swanky little lounge in our nation’s capital that has the impressive distinction of being the first ever cannabis club of its kind in Ottawa.


New Amsterdam Cafe

Igor Sorokin/Shutterstock

Igor Sorokin/ShutterstockA

This well-known staple of the vape community in BC, New Amsterdam Cafe comes with a fantastic atmosphere, vaporizer rentals and a gourmet menu that places this cafe leaps and bounds ahead of the other “glorified snack shops.”  New Amsterdam is a must-see.


Higher Limits Lounge



Billed as the largest pot vaping lounge in Canada, the Higher Limits Lounge in downtown Windsor is 6,000 square feet of awesome for the cannabis user.


High Life Social Club



This Halifax Nova Scotia hangout describes itself as an Amsterdam-inspired vapor lounge. They also have a great menu of desserts, teas, and gourmet coffee. You can also rent bongs and vapor bags for $ 15 and $ 5 respectively.

Cover photo courtesy of kikovic.

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