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Wake and Bake Freely at One of Colorado’s “Bud and Breakfast” Hotels

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Though the outside perspective of Colorado’s marijuana ecosystem makes it seem very liberated and free, those ideals don’t permeate every industry in the state. One sector, the hospitality industry including restaurants and hotels, has been slow to accept the plant and its droves of loyal fans. Because hotels still prohibit guests from smoking weed in their establishments, there is a clear opening for specialty boutique operations. Currently, the state law regarding the consumption of legally purchased retail marijuana states:

Where am I allowed to consume retail marijuana?
Answer – Retail marijuana is intended for private, personal use. Such use is only legal in certain locations not open or accessible to the public. Marijuana may not be consumed openly or publicly.

Can I consume marijuana in public?
Answer – No, it is illegal to consume marijuana in public. This includes but is not limited to areas accessible to the public such as transportation facilities, schools, amusement/sporting/music venues, parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads and outdoor and rooftop cafes. It is also illegal to smoke at indoor-but-public locations like bars, restaurants and common areas in buildings.

As far as hotels and other lodging establishments go, the state leaves it up to their discretion.

It is up to the discretion of the hotel if it allows marijuana smoke to be consumed in their smoking rooms (the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act limits all smoking to at most 25 percent of rooms). You should ask the hotel if they allow it. Denver city laws prohibit marijuana consumption on hotel balconies if visible from any public place.

A couple from New York saw the tremendous opportunity and jumped at the chance to provide what other Colorado hotels wouldn’t. Linda and Joel Schneider were keeping close tabs on the evolving marijuana situation out west back in 2012. When they heard Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, but found out tourists were still running into the problem of finding somewhere to spark up when they visit, the couple had a genius idea. Though Joel is the one passionate about weed (Linda doesn’t smoke), they both saw the writing on the wall. Joel, an attorney by trade, traveled a lot for business and had stayed at his fair share of hotels around the country. Like any well-traveled weed aficionado, he knew all the usual tricks like turning the shower on, shoving a towel under the door, and exhaling into the toilet.

After the laws changed in 2014, the proverbial light bulb in his brain shone brightly as he realized his way into the industry. He’d give travelers like himself the ability to visit Colorado and smoke comfortably without having to hide in their hotel bathroom. Linda had long dreamed of opening a bed and breakfast after retiring, so they packed up their things and headed west to give other travelers a place to lay their heads after getting Rocky Mountain high.

With Linda’s desire to provide customers with a relaxing vacation and Joel eager to sink his teeth into the legal cannabis game, the first “Bud + Breakfast” was born. Joel took the next flight out to Denver and began tracking down a location. They decided on The Adagio in Denver, a beautiful Victorian set in one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. The Bud + Breakfast at The Adagio offers guests the choice of six unique suites, including a few with fireplaces or hot tubs.

After seeing early success with The Adagio location, the Schneiders opened up two wore locations, the Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs and a Grateful Dead-themed B+B in Silverthorne. The lodging concept has flourished, and others have taken note and tried to start similar weed-friendly hotels, but the Schneiders continue to lead the way. Just this past month, they announced they’d be taking over Aspen Canyon Ranch and opening Camp Bud + Breakfast, the world’s first marijuana-friendly resort. They are accepting reservations in advance for this summer, and the ranch looks truly breathtaking. Besides getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and smoking in peace and tranquility, Camp B+B offers a ton of other fun activities, weed-focused and otherwise:

All Inclusive Amenities

  • Decadent dining, Wake and Bake Breakfast, 420 Happy Hour, and elegant ranch style dinners as well as complimentary beverages including beer and wine
  • Tubing onsite on the Williams Fork River
  • Riverside yoga classes
  • 2 – Outdoor hot tubs overlooking the Williams Fork River
  • Cannabis infused cooking classes 
  • Cannabis training on cultivation 
  • Glass Blowing 
  • Cannabis and Canvas classes 

Optional Amenities

  • On-site horseback riding
  • On-site ATV rentals
  • On-site paintball

Personally, a resort where I can play paintball, learn how to blow glass, smoke and eat edibles, plus go tubing sounds too good to be true. But alas, the Aspen Canyon Ranch Bud + Breakfast is as real as it gets, and you can book a stay for summertime now. The educational aspect seems to be an area where the Schneiders have gone above and beyond the competition, probably hoping that guests take their new-found knowledge and renewed pride in marijuana culture back home and spread the word. It would be great to see this idea progress and have marijuana-themed resorts worldwide, so no matter where your travel plans take you, you’re highly prepared.

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