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“Warrior Princess”: Lucy Lawless Tweets Pro Medical Marijuana Message, Warns Politicians “it could be U or ur kid”

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Much like her retired TV character Xena, the “Warrior Princess,” who tried to redeem herself by fighting for the subjugated during the late 90s, Lucy Lawless took to Twitter last night to stand up for the efficacy of medicinal cannabis. Warning any politician that may consider opposing MMJ … “it could be U or ur kid.”

The New Zealand native spoke out on the topic after the Health Minister for Queensland, Cameron Dick introduced legislation to Parliament that would legalize and permit a broader use of medicinal cannabis in the Australian territory.

While the Minister of Health’s proclamation was welcome news for many, it followed the May 9th death of Rumer Rose, a toddler from Queensland with neuroblastoma whose father plead guilty to supplying her with medicinal cannabis oil in 2014.

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