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Washington: CannaCon Setting A High Standard

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The waterfront piers of Seattle were filled with giddy ganjapreneurs hitting their vape pens en route to the largest business-to-business cannabis convention in the country this weekend. With their slogan “Where the Cannabis Industry Does Business,” CannaCon works to build an environment where business can happen.

So, what exactly does a cannabis convention look like?

If you’re imagining a tent-filled parking lot with clouds of smoke similar to a High Times Cannabis Cup, you won’t find any of that here. A disappointment for some, it’s a relief for many. Since CannaCon is hosted on a federal pier, there is a strict no-cannabis policy. I actually heard a rumor that three people were arrested this weekend for cannabis use on federal property, so the prohibition is no joke .

The event strays from the status quo by not being the typical pissing contest for who grows the best herb. Instead, it aims to enlighten the public to the legitimate business world of legal weed. From farm-tech to dab-tech, there is a vendor at CannaCon ready to blow your mind.

This year’s emphasis was definitely on technology. From seed-to-sale tracking systems to assembly line transplanting machines, there were a myriad of services aimed to making the process more efficient for farmers. Walking into CannaCon is like walking into a producer/processors dream –two full floors filled with all the growing equipment and supplies you can imagine.

A total of 280 vendors competed for attention this year. The glass-blowers at The Hippie House even brought their torches and gave demonstrations on how pipes are made. Consumer goods like glass pipes weren’t seen at CannaCon in previous years, but there are new rules pending in Washington’s legislature that would allow the sale of consumer goods at recreational retailers. Retailers now have more incentive to stay current with the culture and provide the products their customers want.

From CannaGuard Security company to Dabstars Inc. to Ecological Laboratories, CannaCon 2016 surpassed expectations with its wide variety of exhibitors and educational seminars. This event is a must-see if you are serious about Canna-business.

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