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Welcome Euphoria Wellness: Las Vegas Valley Gets Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Euphoria Wellness, the first legal medical marijuana dispensary to open in Nevada’s Clark County, through open its doors for business Monday morning to patients in the Las Vegas Valley.

Better late than never…

After 17 long years, Euphoria Wellness, located in the southwestern corner of the Las Vegas Valley, will be just one one of 40 medical marijuana dispensaries open for business in Clark County in the near future.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Nevada’s lucky medical marijuana patients grinned and talked about the long journey to this moment as they patiently queued up in line outside the new dispenser and filled out the required registration forms. From patients struggling with cancer to people with multiple sclerosis and chronic pain, all were relieved this day had finally arrived.

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According to Democratic congresswoman Dina Titus, “This movement has really picked up in the last five years,” giving Nevada high marks for incorporating lessons learned from Arizona, California and Colorado. “Some people would say we’re the model now.”

Stocked with some of the industry-leading strains; Blue Dream, Kosher Kush and San Fernando Valley, Euphoria Wellness had labeled each strain with the flowers vital stats (read: percentage of THC and CBD cannabinoids). Priced at between $ 17 and $ 20 a gram for their meds, Euphoria is located at 7780 S. Jones Blvd and is only the second dispensary in Nevada to officially open thus far.

Welcome Euphoria Wellness: Las Vegas Valley gets its first medical marijuana dispensary

Welcome Euphoria Wellness: Las Vegas Valley Gets Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

(Photo Courtesy of Euphoria Wellness)

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