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West Coast Cure Is The B.H.O. Bomb

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Featuring flavorful terpenes from some of the most skillfully cultivated strains, West Coast Cure’s concentrates are nothing short of a cannabinoid-laced delicacy – just ask Wiz, Action and B-Real.

WCC Flavor: As though their terpenes were hermetically sealed at harvest, my two favorite West Coast Cure strains, Hard-Core OG and Paris OG, smack of ultimate freshness. More than a dab above its nearest competition, regarding flavor and potency, West Coast Cure’s budders, shatters and waxes deliver a relaxing punch to the amygdala region of the brain – knocking out angst and despair with one quick rip.

WCC Dab: Producing translucent amber that’s perfectly purged, the luminous nug-runs of WCC have taken home top honors at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and L.A.’s Secret Cup for best Budder/Wax. Provided you’re lucky enough to have access to these mind-blowing concentrates, take small dabs at first. Because ripping a fat dab of WCC’s wares may prematurely end any hopes of having a productive day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.59.07 PMAverage Price Per 1/2 Gram of Nug-Run WCC: $ 35 – $ 50 (… and worth every penny)

The chronic line of WCC’s OG concentrates lean hard on the indica side of the cannabis spectrum. Dependent on an individual’s tolerance to concentrated THC, the high from West Coast Cure’s budders, shatters and waxes produce a blissful retreat from reality that lasts for hours. Thanks to WCC’s state-of-the-art process and their utilization of only nug-run flower, Jarrett at West Coast Cure has been consistently raising the stakes by creating some of the best concentrates in the Golden State since 2012.

Glowing with amber-ish THC nectar, any of WCC’s nug-run treats are a site for sore sober eyes. Sparkling, pure and meticulously produced, the 1-gram sheet of transparent shatter/wax summons the consumer to step up and prepare. A currency unto itself: Like showing up at a party with a box of luxury cigars or a bottle of the finest wine, the appearance of WCC’s high-end dabs tend to kickstart social opportunities that might otherwise be seriously restricted.

The entire line of West Cost Cures concentrates smell and taste like the strain they were blown from. Fresh and enticing, the first whiff from a freshly opened WCC envelope puts everyone in the room on notice – you’re in for a treat.

The WCC High: Not recommended for the uninitiated, the high from my two favorite WCC strainsHard-Core OG and Paris OG – have been known to put down the average head for the night, leaving them sprawled out on the floor, staring at the ceiling for hours … just waiting for the high to end.


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