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When Deaf Ears Listen

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For the serious cannabis enthusiast, the voting landscape in Canada and the US has remained pretty simple. Liberals are good and Conservatives are bad. Democrats are good and Republicans are insane. These standard distinctions exist as a result of the hard line in the sand Conservative groups have taken on the topic of Mary Jane.

A Liberal Majority Government took over in Canada with a promise that they will legalize and regulate our bud. Down south, our American friends have beaten us to the punch by legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes in four states with the distinct possibility that more will follow. This beginning of the end of prohibition has forced the Conservatives in Canada and the Republicans in the US to rethink their stance on marijuana.

Both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the two front runners for the Republican Party nomination, officially oppose legalization for recreational purposes, but they both also state that it should be an issue for the states to decide themselves. In Canada, former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was infamous for stating that marijuana was “infinitely worse than tobacco,” despite having no facts to back up that statement. Conservative MP in Quebec, Maxime Bernier, recently told CBC News that it was time to “have a discussion” about legalization and regulation. He also said that “he is more for [legalizing]than against it.”

This show of limited support after all these years is both highly welcome and confusing, similar to becoming good friends with your ex-wife. It’s also a very politically expedient move for the Conservatives and the Republicans, who can see that support for legalization is vast and runs across their respective countries.

It will be an interesting twist in future elections if both the GOP and the Conservatives here in Canada transform into pro-marijuana parties. If ‘mom and dad’ aren’t saying “no” anymore, there’s no telling what will happen, and the black and white voting landscape for cannabis lovers will suddenly look a lot more grey.

Photo courtesy of coward lion.

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