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Why The Legalization Of Marijuana In Florida Matters

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The Legalization Of Medical Marijuana In Florida

Florida dispensaries will begin the sale of low-THC medical marijuana to qualified Florida patients later this year under the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. The legalization of medical marijuana (or cannabis) in Florida matters for many reasons. First, with the passage of the United for Care medical marijuana petition predicted in November, 2016, medical marijuana will become more widely available in Florida, and anyone here with cancer, epilepsy, IBD, and a whole host of other illnesses will have a chance to try and see if medical marijuana might improve their health and give them a chance at a better or longer life (assuming an approved Florida doctor agrees to write them a prescription for legal medical marijuana). This is a huge– and extremely exciting– development in this state. (Click here to see what the National Cancer Institute says about marijuana or cannabis.)

The Florida Medical Marijuana Industry Will Create New Jobs

Second, not surprisingly, medical marijuana has become big business. The Florida Department of Health has already approved licenses for the first 5 Florida dispensaries. This means that thousands of businesses and new jobs will be created in Florida, and not just for dispensaries or growers but for other service businesses such as delivery companies, suppliers, and the like. Indeed, the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida is predicted to lead to a frontier economy of sorts. A whole new industry will be born in Florida from the ground up and many Floridians will ride that boom.

The Sale of Medical Marijuana In Florida Will Generate Taxes

Third, the tax revenues from legal marijuana are already in the 100s of millions of dollars in other states. Florida is a large and populous place. Hence, the tax revenues generated from the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida can be expected to be quite large. The state of Colorado, for example, now collects more money from the sale of marijuana than from taxing the sale of alcohol. This is a startling development. The new source of Florida tax revenue that is sure to come from the legal sale of medical marijuana in Florida can benefit all sorts of government programs and citizens. Indeed, tax revenues from the sale of marijuana in Colorado are dedicated largely to the funding of new school buildings. Florida can do the same thing.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Directory

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