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Will The Democratic Debate Hit On Marijuana Reform?

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Aside from the fact that a handful of Republican candidates have admitted to smoking weed during their adolescence, the topic of marijuana legalization has received precious little consideration from those hoping to capture the “Highest Office in the Land” during the 2016 presidential election.

As the Party supposedly most interested in protecting the individual state’s rights, it’s seems more than a little intriguing that the GOP has seemingly avoided the topic altogether – particularly as the polls have indicated the population’s passion for marijuana legalization. As several states prepare to vote on the sticky topic during next year’s presidential election, many supporters of the idea can’t help but wonder:

Will the Democratic candidates address the marijuana legalization topic at tonight’s debate?

Unlike the GOP, the Democratic candidates have seemingly worked to address the somewhat volatile issue when possible. As former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley made clear after signing legislation in his state, which decriminalized small amounts of weed; O’Malley fully supports the idea of reforming the current marijuana laws. Meanwhile Vermont’s liberal lion, Sen. Bernie Sanders, an outspoken opponent of the draconian “War on Drugs,” would like to reform medical marijuana laws. And walking the political tightrope, Hillary Clinton has largely dodged, ducked, and sidestepped any real position on the issue altogether.

More than a little odd, to be sure. As the Democrats work to maintain control of the White House, marijuana legalization is a hot-topic issue that’s loaded with political opportunity. Since the beginning of the decade, American voters have been slowly embracing the idea of legalizing the cannabinoid rich plant. During his two terms as POTUS (President of the United States), BHO was somewhat lenient on the enforcement of federal marijuana laws – and faced little to no backlash for it.

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As Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have all successfully legalized recreational marijuana use, minus any messy federal intervention. The peaceful plant continues generating massive new tax revenue and providing a peek at the astonishing economic benefits our country would enjoy with full legalization.

As such, tonight’s Democratic debate for the party’s nomination would be the perfect time to fire up the debate. By strongly voicing opposition to the continued war against weed and it’s ridiculous schedule 1 status, the would-be nominees could seize the political, fiscal, and moral high ground.

The Democratic presidential debate can be viewed tonight on CNN at 5:30 pm.

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