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WonderBrett’s Pineapple OG Marijuana Strain Review

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The Scoop: Cracking open the distinctive jar on this aromatic Pineapple OG, cultivated by the talented breeders at WonderBrett (WB), the consumer’s olfactory is pleasantly stimulated with a fruity/pineapple bouquet. Flavorful, relaxing, and ready to arouse creativity, WB’s Pineapple OG provides a tranquil high that’s more inspiring than debilitating.

The Result: Available at 420 Central, and the Herb Connection this 70% / 30% Sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for the smoker who suffers from social anxiety. Soothing the understandable apprehension some may have of a society gone seriously sideways, and providing the proper “fu@k it” attitude adjustment. Offering either early morning motivation to face the daily grind or enthusiasm for the evening’s upcoming events.

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (70% / 30%)

Genetics: Humboldt Sour Grape x OG Kush

Average THC: 20-25%

Average Price Per ⅛: $ 50

Strain Profile: In a world of mild-mannered  hybrids, the flower from this hydroponically cultivated and organically fed strain enjoys a relatively high THC percentage, at least by Pineapple OG standards. While she’s not the headiest strain on the dispensary’s shelves, WonderBrett’s Pineapple OG provides a pleasant and balanced high; guaranteed to help smooth over the rough edges of a hectic work day and eliminate any unwanted aches or pains.

Photo courtesy of Instagram & Wonderbrett

Photo courtesy of Instagram & Wonderbrett

Appearance: As dense a Sativa as I’ve seen in a while, WB’s Pineapple OG has been meticulously manicured and is covered in milky white trichomes. Contrasted by the leaf’s lime green hue and soft orange pistils, the flower’s THC-laced trichomes adorn the Pineapple OG’s tropically scented buds.

Consistency: As these flowers were meticulously cared for during the curing process and properly stored afterwards – their consistency remains sticky, yet delicate.

Scent: The tropically scented terpenes encourage the flower’s overall citrus/pineapple fragrance to explode with aroma. Just leaving a crushed nug in an open room is aromatherapy. Though, not the best use of your meds.

Taste: Pineapple OG’s smoke is honeyed and flavorful, fruity and refreshing. Smooth on the inhale, she’s particularly flavorful when smoked in a well rolled joint; sure to be a springtime favorite, provided you’re not looking for a couch-lock strain, with its smooth and creative high.

Effect: Obviously, Pineapple OG isn’t going to be the most potent strain on the market today. It wasn’t created to be. Its hybridized gene pool was specifically created for maximizing the best of both worlds. Creating a moderately potent strain that provides an elevated and cerebral high for the intellectuals in the smoke circle.

Verdict: WonderBrett’s Pineapple OG is the perfect wake and bake strain that’s also great as a late afternoon mood enhancer. Upsetting pharmaceutical companies from coast-to-coast, Pineapple OG helps to minimize stress, reduce nausea and diminish needless worry. This flavorful hybrid will have you contemplating the vastness of the cosmos soon after the first hit. No longer hindered by existential concerns, anxiety falls by the wayside and creativity flourishes.

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