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Would MLK Have Supported Marijuana Legalization?

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While it’s only my distorted belief, I’d have to guess that MLK might have had a few choice words on the topic of unjust laws and the prohibition of a peaceful plant… the least of which would’ve been – YES to legalization!

Today, as the majority of our country pauses to reflect on the peaceful logic, as well as the memory and message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., more than a handful of productive, normally law-abiding Americans, are kicking back and getting ready to enjoy their day off. And more than likely firing up one of theirs favorite strains in celebration.

As such, this seems like an obvious question for the day –  “Would MLK Have Supported Marijuana Legalization?”

While there’s precious little evidence the topic of decriminalizing pot was ever high on MLK’s agenda – as he had slightly more important things to attend to – one need not look far to find his voice of leadership in the fight for parity for all and equal justice under the law.

In his “Letter from A Birmingham Jail” Dr. King chided eight white clergymen from Alabama, who in an open letter titled “A Call for Unity” encouraged the civil rights demonstrators to back down, rather than fighting for true justice.

Would Martin Luther King Support Marijuana Legalization?

Would Martin Luther King Support Marijuana Legalization?

No doubt – Dr. King provides a compelling argument for his participation in Birmingham’s nonviolent protest – but what exactly does this have to do with legalizing marijuana? And would MLK be disappointed with my comparison of marijuana legalization to the Civil Rights Movement?

I don’t think so.

As long as marijuana remains a federally prohibited substance, while big tobacco and even bigger booze remain legal, we have an unjust law. And as MLK pointed out, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

So be it…

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